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Location: Lapu-lapu city, Cebu
Project Status: Design Development Phase


This 28sqm House is designed in a property with a width of 3.77m. This parameter leads to the opportunity of creating a straightforward open plan which goes well with the owners’ minimalist lifestyle and a key consideration for designing the spaces are the four existing trees on the site.
Bed spaces are provided with curtains and a movable partition for occasions when additional privacy is preferred. In other instances, the beds may double as seating making the entire space a lounge area. Along one entire wall are the kitchen counter and ample storage spaces.
The interior aesthetic utilizes the appearance of raw wood and concrete. The exterior is kept simple with a concrete finish and a shelf of planters in the façade, functionally diffusing the afternoon sun from entering the interior and indulging the owner in her hobbies of gardening.


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