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BluPrint Magazine
Volume 1, 2017
"In my opinion" section

Design partner, Kurt Orillo, featured in Bluprint magazine:
"What building or district in  Cebu should Filipino architects study and what should they learn from it?" 
"Colon Street in Cebu is the oldest and shortest national road in the Philippines. It is often overcrowded, especially during peak business hours. It is a treasure trove of our culture! Filipino architects could study how Cebuanos interact in the area and perhaps we could have a more profound and empathetic understanding on how we should design our public places."


Sunstar Live
Sept 2017

"Harmonizing opposites"
written by Karl Cabilao

"Inspired by the 1920's modern architectural movement, this residence designed by a young Cebuano architect harmonizes privacy of spaces and openness in its planning as well as creates a 'lighter' impression on the otherwise heavy-looking building materials used in its construction."

full story at:


Sunstar Weekend Magazine
Dec 2017
"Christmas Glam Up"
By: Deneb Batucan


Design partners, Ivanne Arciete and Kurt Orillo, share their insights on how to design and decorate your home during the holiday season.

"Decide a color scheme. Decorative details can be seen as one cohesive unit this way. You can go for monochromes, like varying shades of blues; earth tones, like mixing the colors of evergreen and tree bark; or classic black and white. DIY. Be creative and you will literally make your house feel like Christmas. There are tons of ideas online and you can even make it a fun family activity. Less money on decorations means more money for presents." -Ivanne Arciete

"I am an advocate of minimalism, so personally, I want to keep decors to a minimum in terms of their aesthetic and design. Using a singular tone of warm white series lights produces a thematic and harmonious approach to decorating the room through illumination. No need for christmas balls or ribbons, no stars or lanterns. Wrap the lights around a leafless Christmas tree, add it on landscape and see how the simplicity of lights can give a different effect on your home, perfect for the holidays." -Kurt Orillo

BluPrint Circles
August 2018

Bai Hotel, Cebu


#BluPrintasks Design partner, Kurt Orillo a question from Danielle Reodica: "What trait should a Filipino architect have to stand out in the global design community?" 

"We should maintain our creativity and ingenuity in terms of design as Filipino architects like how resourceful we are with the use of our native materials. We should have the perseverance to maintain that to show that we are at par with the global community" -Kurt Orillo



CEBUCON's 27th Construction Show in Cebu
June 2019
SM Seaside City, Cebu


The R HOUSE project displayed at the United Architects of the Philippines - Sugbu Chapter's booth during  CEBUCON's 27th Construction Show.

CEBUCON is an annual trade show in the built industry showcasing a wide array of professional services and products in design and construction. For more than two decades, it has brought fresh ideas, extensive services, and innovative products to construction professionals and the general public.


National Architecture Week Exhibit
Dec 2019
Robinsons Galleria, Cebu

The MU HOUSE project displayed at the Sugbu Chapter's booth during  National Architecture Week with the theme of "Abot tan-NAW: Tahanan para sa lahat". The exhibit shows different residential projects from architects around the region. 


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