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A design collaboration between Cebu-based architects, Ivanne Arciete and Kurt Orillo, practicing in a wide range of residential and commercial design projects in various scales in the Philippines, UK, France, and Dubai.



We believe that good design is the thoughtful and inventive composition of space, light, materiality and structural elements. This is expressively inspired by the behavioral, cultural and climatic parameters of its context. We aim to negate the notion that it greatly relies on external factors like space and cost. These factors are treated not as limitations but as opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

Our design language displays the organic beauty of nature by adapting landscape and natural components into a structure. Through integrating openness and transparency within the spaces, we create an uninterrupted visual connection between the interior and exterior.

We form valuable human experiences through the built environment, capturing pleasure, calmness, excitement, power or solemnity within a space significantly determined by its typology. Our approach is to not rely on one familiar style but to be responsive to the users of a space, their behavior, culture, and climatic nuances. The essence of spaces is traditional yet the design approach is distinctly unique.

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