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Location: Maria Luisa Estate Park, Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines

Project Status: Completed

The Z Toilet and Bath is a house expansion for a family of four. The house is built at the bottom of a cliff side in Maria Luisa Estate Park. The couple wanted to have a larger ensuite bathroom with a bathtub and to convert the existing bathroom into a walk-in closet. Adding 17 square meters to the second floor, the expansion comprises of a shower area, his-and-hers lavatories, a water closet and a bathtub with its own television. The main objective is to take advantage of the location’s natural landscape, to maximize the visual connectivity and the outdoor experience while maintaining privacy from neighboring houses. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are set along the walls of the bathroom; those facing the adjacent house are of frosted glass. These windows, along with the skylights above the bathtub and shower area, flood the room with natural lighting and provide a view of the vast green cliff side behind the house.

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